About Us

The objective of speKtrum is to promote print in all its forms to a wider audience, through exhibitions, commercial marketing, events and intelligent collaboration and to elevate the contemporary print making arts.

An independently run organization for the small independent artist producer.

Formed from a core group of artists who use the Edinburgh Printmakers, based in and around Edinburgh, the contagious creativity is leading the collective into other geographic areas, evolving a dynamic and expanding membership.

Create a platform to show publicly the very best, highest quality, most innovative of print arts, seek and create common objectives, share opportunities and group projects. To seek ways in which an independent gallery space can be made available for the use of the collective. Build new audiences, encourage new collectors, curators and increase the public experience of print based media. Discuss matters of common interest with other individuals and groups and build long lasting partnerships.

It is important not to underestimate the importance of contemporary art in today’s environmental landscape and how it can enhance many elements of culture and attract visitors into art venues. Exposure to the arts makes a difference.

Enjoy art, life, food, drink and culture together.

Brought together in 2011 speKtrum collective is a group of printmaking artists and practitioners with a variety of print media and visual backgrounds, including ……….list to follow as confirmed

The mission of the collective is to perpetuate the art of print and print as art by providing a platform for the visual art of print and to enhance the identity of the collective.

The speKtrum collective needs your support now.

It is through your help that the print collective can continue and thrive.

You can make a difference by supporting the print collective through membership and contributions to collective funds.


The speKtrum print collective